Wow! It’s the 10 Year Anniversary of my Website!

Well… happy 2017! I know it’s a month and some change too late but I finally got around to doing my first post for the new year.

Want to hear something crazy? This year marks the 10 year anniversary of my website/blog, (*sidenote: I had a blog called circa ’02 that I lost because I forgot to pay the bill). It’s nuts to think that I’ve been grinding this website for 10 years now. Actually, before I started writing this, I was looking through some old blog posts from years ago.  It made me realize something… It’s that, I SUCK AT BLOGGING!

I think that at the beginning of every year, I set this whole unrealistic goal of trying to take my blog to the next level or try to monetize or blah, blah, blah.  After a few weeks of curating content I realize that this is hard and I don’t have the time. I eventually give up and by the end of the year, you’ll see my frequency of posting start to dissipate. You can literally see the trend.  At the beginning of the year, it’s almost daily. By summer it’s maybe every other week.  By the time the 4 quarter hits, I’ll maybe have one a month.  When it finally hit’s December, you’ll have more luck finding water on Mars then a blog post from me.

For those of you that have never tried to run your own website, this sh*t is kinda hard! It’s pretty damn difficult trying to find time to come up with unique topics that are compelling enough to keep the reader on your page. Let’s also not forget trying to find the time to write them. I have a life to live and a business to run. I mean, fvck man! I’m only human.

Here’s a cool #tbt for you.  It’s my Evernote scratchpad of blog ideas I made back in 2015. I had some great ideas but finding the time to create them is a whole other story (*sidetone: maybe I’ll get to some of these one day).

This year, I figure that I reset the expectation and try to create a new goal.  It’s unrealistic to think that I can blog several times a week so how about we try once or twice a month and see how that goes.  There are 52 weeks in a year but I’m realistically thinking that half of that would be feasible. Alright guys, 26 posts! My goal this year is 26 well thought out, non BS posts. You know relevant topics about what’s going on in my life, what I’m experiencing on the daily and what I think is cool.  I mean, after all, I’m just as bad with social media so why not just put all my feeling here, on my website, where I can use the traffic.

…so check back soon! Hopefully you’ll find something helpful, insightful or useful.  And if you see something you like, by all means, please tell me about it.  It’ll keep me motivated to keep writing more.

– til the next post, toodles!